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Updated: Jul 10, 2018

By: Judith Jacob Siddharth

How it all began....

Life children home was started in 2007 with a passion to rescue and rehabilitate children and young women from child labor and human trafficking. Our vision is to impact that dark world, rescue vulnerable children and girls, separated from home in the name of working to pay off debt, who struggle and will do anything to survive.

So far we have rescued, given shelter and hope to over 1100 of such children who have passed through our children’s home. Our children have gone through abuse in ways unimaginable. Rescuing them from these circumstance brings relief but not healing and restoration. This is where we strive to bring bigger impact by giving them

first of all hope, self-worth, knowledge of forgiveness in Jesus and secondly provide their physical needs like clean clothes, healthy food, a safe haven and education. We are their family!

At present, we run 2 homes in 2 different cities that shelters 145 children. As they complete high school we also give them training in fields such as carpentry, stitching, teaching and others that help them have a career and future.

We have started an elementary school and plan to expand it to middle and high school education. This helps us educate our children in English and also include a curriculum based on biblical principles. At present our middle and high school children attend public school in which studying Bhagavad Gita (Hindu bible) is mandatory.

Our organization runs through love, prayers and generous support of pastors, friends and family like you. Consider joining us in this fight for justice, freedom and new life!

Contact us: to see how you can serve

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