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Education for All

Every year is a miracle as we teach our children a Bible based english curriculum from Pre-kinder until 5th grade.

This past March a local religious leader/government officer brought mechanical diggers and excavators machines. Did not show any government order or legal papers. He fought with us, pushed our security and staff out of the way and broke the gate. Finally we have received permission to put the gate back. Everything is a struggle and a fight.

Including our children and the children we mentor we were able to teach 250 children this past year 2022-23. We do not cater to middle class or wealthy kiddos. So our program is completely free of charge and for the poorest. We are able to do it because of your generosity and love towards us.

From transportation, uniforms, books, shoes, lessons being taught to food everything is provided for these precious children. We are able to mentor them, teach them about the love and power of forgiveness of Jesus Christ.

Greater is your reward in Heaven and on earth my family and friends. God smiles over you.

This year we will be continuing to do the same. We are trying our best to increase classes and grades. Pray that we are given the permission and recognition for this.

We are also trying to get support from local businesses to be able to do greater things. Please hold us in your prayers.

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