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365+ free school supplies & a commitment for free school this year 243 at-risk kids.

* If you don't have time to watch the entire video (6 mins.) please watch from 2:40 for about 2 mins. You can see the impact you have made...

Jesus says, 'Suffer or Allow the little children to come to me, don’t hinder them for kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.' We are happy to share our school supply distribution report with you.

I have an awesome team of staff in India who are mobilized to go into communities, to identify families with children who are unable to sustain themselves in this season of life. Families who have a lost loved ones, unemployed and without livelihoods, ones in debt and being victimized in trafficking and families in desperate condition with no one to help them. With our limited resources it was a stretch but we felt God’s peace to open our doors to mentor, feed, be an advocate and help educate children. Within a week God gave us almost 250 beautiful children to impact with free education.

I brought my burden to you my superhero partners to join with us to make an impact. And you did it! We were able to purchase the school supplies that we needed for our children home kiddos and the community children which totaled to 365 children.

I am so overwhelmed and thank you for your generosity. You partnered with me and enabled 365 children have a quality Bible-based English education for the academic year 2020-2021. Yes, we impacted more lives during a worldwide pandemic. Isn’t our God bigger that we can dream or think of.

Testimony: This mom who has been a widow for 6 years. She has been raising 3 children all by herself. Moved to our community a few years ago to escape from loan sharks who were going to take her children away into trafficking. Now, due to the pandemic she lost her job, she cried out to Jesus saying, ‘If you don’t help me I have go back to my village with the danger of my kids being taken away to work in factories. Just show me a sign that you are going to take care of us.’ In a few days she heard about our ‘Blessed Rice Project’ through which she not only received groceries but also free education for her 3 children.

You support helps single moms/dads and families in ways you never would have imagined.

Thank you for your giving, your prayers, the love you show to our children, care for our ministry and now our extended ministry through the 'blessed rice project'. You are being in tune with God when God is trying to use the difficult circumstances around us to lead us into something new.

Continue to hold us in your thoughts and prayers.

I love you and thanks again. Have a blessed November!

Judith Siddharth

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