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Blessed Rice Project - Join Hands to feed starving families. So far served 11,500 meals...

By: Judith Jacob Siddharth

By the grace of God and your generosity till last week we have distributed over 11,500 meals to families in need during this pandemic. Since the lock downs have been extended until the end of May families who depend on daily wages are left hanging. The government promised to give $20 to every citizen which lasted for 2 weeks but millions from their township without proper identification. Some are runaways or trapped in human trafficking and this victims will never receive anything from the government. They are in a state of unpredictability of where they would get their next meal.

During the food drive some of the parents maneuvered their children to the the from of the line in the crowd to be sure that will get some rice. A lady was pleading, 'Please could you at least give me some rice so my kids and I can make rice porridge to survive.' A few days ago another lady stopped by to say, ' the rice we distributed tasted better than the rice they normally eat and that it keep her family and her fuller longer and they are satisfied.' She calls it - The Blessed Rice. I know you prayed for God's protection, health and provision during food distribution and I also know our children and staff laid their hands on each rice and vegetable bag and prayed God's healing, his fullness and that they would come to the knowledge of Christ as they partake the supplies. The families who received it may not know what we prayer over the rice but we know why. Amen!!!

The Word of God says, 'Those who give to the poor will lack in nothing.' and it also says, 'Whatever you do for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did it for me.' I would like to take this opportunity to give a shout out to everyone of you who donated through a local food bank or church, a peanut butter jar, a can of soup, a box of cereal or donations of any kind. You saw a need and jumped right in. Thank you for doing that! May God bless you and your family out of Zion. May God crown your year with His goodness and may your path overflow with abundance.

Next week we are praying for and getting ready to feed 500 families. Yes, I know this sounds big but it is possible through the God i serve. You can take part in feeding an entire family for 2 weeks for $20. AS of now we have received much help. We have enough for about 15 families. Consider feeding one or multiple families. You will be reviving lives, reforming communities, and renewing hope. Let us not be weary in well doing for in due season we shall reap our harvest. These families who will receive food from us are hand picked after witnessing their desperation. If you would like to support our ministry you can so do at under projects & then food distribution or write to me at May God continue to bless you and keep you in good health.

Thank you!

We love you and God bless!

Love, Judith Jacob Sid

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