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Dear Baby Girl, you'll move mountains!

Female infanticide is deliberate killing of new born female children or the modern practice of sex-selective abortion. This is still practiced in India even in 2019. A recent news article states that in a cluster of 132 villages of a specific district in India no girl babies were born in the past 3 months. Only 200+ baby boys were born. A local politician comments that it is just a mere coincidence. Really!

In October we brought a mother and a new born child to our campus on a rainy day. The mother was abused, abandoned and chased from both sides of the family for having a girl baby. For safety reasons we have decided not to post the picture of the mother. The baby is 4 months old now and she has brought so much joy to our campus. The father of this little baby married twice for a chance of having a boy. This young mother in her early 20's was chased out from her husband’s house. Being a 2nd wife, she did not have any legal right to the marriage. Her parents did not give her shelter because they could not afford to take in the additional financial burden. This single mom with only a middle school education and a new born baby in her hand could not find any job.

After giving them shelter we informed the police and her family as a legal formality. One would expect that the young mother’s family would be relieved knowing that their daughter and her baby were safe. Instead they were offended that we gave shelter and wanted us to send them out. The family thought that the new born would die in the rain. So the poverty stricken parents could avoid paying large dowries when their granddaughter marries. It make me sad that these oppressing customary rules in the society make one blinded to the true value of a life.

Praise Report:

After a month of persuading the parents while protecting the mother and the baby. We have the mother and the baby safe. We are at liberty to share a picture of the baby only. Let us know if you would like to sponsor this baby girl. Also, we have not dedicated this baby yet. We would love your baby girl name suggestions.

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