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Glory to God for he hears our prayers!

This past christmas I reached out to you just a few weeks before christmas for Christmas celebrations with our children. Yet you all were all so awesome that you made sure every child had a gift and a delicious christmas meal on christmas. God smiles over you, He loves you and you are a peculiar possession in God's eyes because you have cared for the fatherless, abandoned and the poor.

The video will show you how we have instilled God's love, the message of forgiveness and peace that was given to mankind.

As we continue God's work in the nation of India. I ask for your continued your prayers that every obstacle and weapon that comes against us will be destroyed, God's protection over our children and staff, our enemies will flee, for His provision day after day and that the banner of Jehovah be glorified.

I pray in this new year God gives you strength to soar like an eagle, heals you with His balm of Gilead and an abundance in your business or jo.

In Him,

Judith Jacob Siddharth

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