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Last summer we renovated the kinder play area and bookshelves with books. This classroom has been a blessing for the children to play all year long. Not just that our teachers were able to teach, read and most importantly the play area has helped a lot with our children’s emotional development.

Our children have been abused, neglected and rejected by their families and society before they were rescued and brought to our home. Initially, they did not understand the concept of playing with toys/games, reading books and having fun. All they wanted was to grab on to whatever their little hands could find so tightly that the other children would not snatch it. They did not understand that the same toy would be available the next day to play with. It took them a few weeks to really enjoy the blessings that were around them. 

Love Travels & Empowers Project

It has been pressing in my heart for a long time to introduce computer education in our course structure for our children to better equip them and empower their future. Introducing fundamental computer knowledge from 1st grade onwards will help them gain essential skills. Children at our home do not have access to mobile phones or electronic toys to understand technology like the rest of the world. We have rescued these precious lives, we feed, clothe, educate and give them a safe haven. Sending them out to a very competitive world leaves them without a job or at best finds them a very menial job. This course will help them have self-confidence and be aware of opportunities around them.  We will also be focussing on internet concepts, MS Office, Desktop Publishing, job-oriented courses for the older children, etc taught by a trained computer teacher. 

There are 1000s of children in our district who do not have access to school every day. Reasons being no transportation to their village, or they are victims of Child labor or just because they are girls. We have an opportunity to help 40 such children this year. Giving them transportation, good education and a healthy meal. A mini bus will help us bring the children from the surrounding villages to our school. This video explains the impact our school has on our children.

We would like to start off this project with 10 computers in our computer lab. Although we have the building for this, we still need to purchase computers, wiring, desks and chairs. Also, we need a mini bus for the 40 children who will go to school for the very 1st time in their lives. This is an opportunity for you to transform lives from a child being in bondage to having a successful career. 

Our budget for this project is $42000. I request you to prayerfully consider partnering with us. You may feel what you give is a drop in the bucket. But every drop count!

You will make a Big Difference in the lives you touch!

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