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Updated: Nov 29, 2018

By: Judith Jacob Siddharth


We had a blessed summer conducting health awareness programs, visited many areas where children were trafficked as factory workers, beggars and for entertainment, counselling session for our children at our children homes, visited tea estates where we witnessed 100 of women being exploited, their salaries were not a fair.

From June until August we rescued 18 children from trafficking, 11 of our older kids were baptized, 79 accepted Jesus in their heart, rescued 2 young ladies with their babies who were abused by their husbands as they gave birth to girl babies. We were also able to build a play area for our 17 little ones who live at our children home, painted our school building and completed the compound wall construction for our new children home campus.

With the faithfulness of our friends, sponsors and ministry partners we were even able to make our meal plan for our children better. We were able to buy small things for our children like socks, bicycles and start clubs for our children for Arts, Jewelry making, Cultural Dance, Pottery painting, Handcrafts, etc. Finally but definitely a big blessing, one of our ministry partners flew to India and helped us update our website. You should check it out. It is awesome!

It was a fruitful summer, my heart was full, I could see God smiling at our children, our staff and primarily smiling on YOU for being a big channel of blessing.

Love, Judith Jacob Sid

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